Apparently, March 8 was International Women’s Day. To be honest, I never knew such a thing existed.  I was a little confused at first. On FB and Twitter,  I kept coming across post after post where women were congratulating other women, on umm…being women? Huh?

What idiot came up with this idea to pick one day a year to celebrate someone’s gender? What day is Men’s Day? Well a quick search revealed the origin of Women’s Day (and there isn’t a Men’s Day!), dating back to the early 1900’s. But it didn’t begin as a way to honor other women for having a vagina instead of a penis, but as need to stand up for women’s rights and equality in the workforce.

To use International Women’s Day as a springboard to bring awareness to issues such as those that Malala Yousafazai risked her life to bring to light, or to support wonderful charities like Girl Effect, now that is something I can stand behind.

I was born a woman, not as a president, or a secretary. No one should earn stat pay because of my anatomy. My existence is not cause for a religious holiday or even considered a remarkable event. Nor is the title of Mother representative of everything that I am. I expect to live in this world with the same rights as any other human being. To be loved and respected every day, not because of my gender but because of who I am. I won’t stand for anything less. I certainly won’t be asking anyone to give me those things one day a year.

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