Yesterday, I finally shared my post on the supplements I was taking to deal with insulin resistance and weight loss. Since that post was originally written in 2013 and so much as happened since then, I’m going to fill you in here.

In May 2013, I got the wake up call that being pregnant relieved so many health issues  I had (read what happened, here.) and that I would have to work really hard to recreate the optimum body conditions to get healthy when I wasn’t pregnant.

I got back on my “diabetic diet“, started taking the supplements my doctor recommended and got myself moving.

Then nothing happened. Like nothing. Not even 1 pound lost. In fact, I was struggling not to gain weight. A frustrating year went by and it was around spring 2014 that I went to see my doctor and make some changes. We tested my basal body temperature among other things and found that my metabolism was non existent, my thyroid wasn’t functioning right, my adrenals were still under a lot of stress, I was not producing normal amounts of hormones around my cycle, and I was pre-PCOS along with being pre-diabetic and insulin resistant. All of which are interconnected!

So I went on the following supplements:

MitoMatrix for metabolism
Chromium for blod sugar regulation
T100 for thyroid support and consequently insulin resistance
B-Complex for a host of things
OvaBlend for balancing hormones
Chaste Tree for hormones
ADR Px Balance – for adrenal support. I need this one so bad! Can’t function without it.
ThryoCare – thyroid support
D3 – depression
Calcium-Magensium – improved muscle recovery and sleep

Along with the supplements my doctor stressed working out consistently. So I started working out a few times a week, signed up and mostly walked a 5K at the end of May and started lifting weights.

I lost about 12lbs from May to October of 2014. That’s about 2lbs a month. If I ever missed one of my supplements especially the T100, my weight would fluctuate wildly. I was white knuckling it through this stage. It felt like even a slight change from my normal would mean wild weight gain. I was scared. For the amount of effort I felt like I was putting out, it seemed very frustrating to only be losing a couple pounds a month. I was running on the treadmill, pushing myself hard in my body weight workouts and getting injured. It was very disheartening.

So I went to see my doctor in October and that’s when Phase 1 of Operation: Weight Off finally began. Stay tuned to hear what happened next in my journey.

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  1. March 18, 2015 at 10:05 am engarde

    Hi Darling-thing,
    Sooooo glad you are feeling better! Reading through the above, I have a couple questions (of course!). You say you went to see your doctor. Is this an general practitioner or something else? Would my doc be able to administer these tests? Also, what is the workout you have been doing?

    Cannot wait to read your nutrition book! 😉 Muah!

    • March 19, 2015 at 11:05 pm Syd

      Hey lovely! Yes I am, thank you!

      I love questions! So my doctor isn’t a regular MD…it’s my Naturopath. The tests we did aren’t probably something your MD will do, but it’s worth it to ask? The first thing we did was an adrenal stress test that is done by talking samples of your saliva several times a day. The other test was not a true test itself, but more like charting. Every morning before moving/getting out of bed/etc. you record your temperature with a basal body thermometer. After at least a full cycle of charting, she was able to tell that my temp was just too low in general (low metabolism) and that I wasn’t getting sufficient spikes and dips in my temps to indicate a dump of hormones as you would see in someone without my issues. This might be something you want to start doing and I can possibly get you more info on what temps are normal. I’m charting again now to see if there’s been an improvement!

      The workouts I’ve been doing are from the #T25 program and tomorrow’s post will explain much more!

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  3. March 20, 2015 at 8:04 am engarde

    Thank you, darling, for the info! You are quite the inspiration. 🙂

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