Today marks the day when I have traveled two equal distances, one with my mother, one without.

I feel the weight of this moment, as I contemplate what the next 15.91 years will hold. I can look back on my …

8 Reasons Why I’m Still Married

Hubby and I are certainly no experts but we’ve been married for almost 13 years and have faced some crazy hurdles along the way. We still love and like each other which I think is quite special so I thought …


Birthdays are a funny thing. When you’re young it’s simply a carefree celebration, I don’t think it matters much that it’s your birthday or someone else’s (except when you factor in presents). Games, festivities, decorations, cake, presents…it’s just all good …

How I Lost 5 Million Dollars

  1. I bought 5 of my closest friends million dollar homes.
  2. I bought 2 Bugatti Veyron Super Sports.
  3. I bought myself a five million dollar mega-mansion. In Hawaii.
  4. I travelled around the world, in style. 50 times.
  5. I donated five million

Love Heals. Hate Destroys.

I was missing my mom the other day. Probably because I’ve been feeling like an inadequate mother lately. And whenever I feel like this, I always think about the challenges she had to face as a single mother and wish …