Pinterest Inspired Cooking

Oh, Pinterest. What have you done to me? Seriously, Pinterest is a trouble maker! I find myself either looking for things to repin, or searching the web for things to pin. Constantly! You know you got it bad when you …


I didn’t blog my weekly update last week because it’s been much of the same, me dragging my butt, grabbing whatever is available to eat and basically not sticking to my plan.

I’ve actually been feeling really bummed lately. Disappointed …

Love Heals. Hate Destroys.

I was missing my mom the other day. Probably because I’ve been feeling like an inadequate mother lately. And whenever I feel like this, I always think about the challenges she had to face as a single mother and wish …

The Dark Side Of Adoption: Regret

Regret is probably one of the most ruthless of emotions. It serves no purpose. It is completely unlike grief in that it feels horrible, but is not necessary for healing. Actually, it’s the opposite of healing. It is hurting with