Oh, Pinterest. What have you done to me? Seriously, Pinterest is a trouble maker! I find myself either looking for things to repin, or searching the web for things to pin. Constantly! You know you got it bad when you look at Facebook and think, “FB needs to be prettier.” while you pirouette towards your craft scissors. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

But in my family’s case right. Cause Pinterest got me cooking some food they really liked. First up,

Stuffed French Toast

I’m not really a fan of french toast — I don’t like the taste of egg, but this was ridiculously good. You could also easily make it sugar free. The way I did it here was cut big wedges of french toast, slice into them halfway, fill with a cream cheese/jam mixture, stuff with strawberries, dip into your egg mixture, and pan fry. For detailed instructions and the full recipe, you’ll need to head over to the Tasty Kitchen. Or you could visit my Breakfast board on Pinterest 🙂

I also gave the Six Sister’s Stuffed Pizza Bites a shot and they were fabulous! It was a quick easy meal that I could customize for all the tastes of our family. I just added the toppings that we all liked and allocated areas of the pan for each person. Next time I’ll probably use toothpicks to mark these spots. In 30 minutes with a side of salad, you have a decent dinner! For the full recipe, please visit the Six Sister’s blog.

Now the Bubble-Up Pizza I had been drooling over for a while. The image I pinned for it looked so good! Unfortunately it wasn’t exactly a hit. As the recipe recommends I used ready to bake canned biscuit dough and I think that was the problem. Even though the recipe states it’s very light and fluffy, you know that the biscuits are heavy. And you feel it when you’re eating this dish. If I made it again I would definitely either use the ready made can pizza dough I used for the Stuffed Pizza Rolls or my own dough recipe. It looked good, though:

To give this baby a try, please see the Quick Dinner Fixins blog. 



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