A bunch of weeks ago (feels like forever but it’s actually been only two) I suggested that all you all who are addicted to Pinterest, like me, put your addiction to good use. The goal was to make something you had pinned so that you weren’t just a, *whispers* e-hoarder. Horrible that.

Anyways, some of you decided to be more and commented on my ‘I’m Pintaddicted, now what?’ post with your creations.

Here’s a recap:

Kimberly from My Heavenly Days, the woman responsible for my addiction to Pinterest, has just started her blog which is a huge accomplishment as it is, but she also took up sewing. Which has made my life miserable. Really. Just unberable. Because dammit, I now have a Pinterest board dedicated to all things sewing-ish. In all fairness, Kimberly got sidetracked from her lifelong goal to never sew, either, but here we both are. Now she’s making ridiculously cute PJ’s every other day and I’ve ordered a sewing machine. The horror!

This is what she made for our Pinta Party:

DIY Pajamas

To see more fun projects that Kimberly has planned, please see her Sew Fun board on Pinterest. And be sure to visit her on her new blog, My Heavenly Days. It’s going to be one to watch!

You know when you’re thinking of having a baby, everywhere you look there’s a pregnant woman? Well everyone is a sewer these days! And my good friend Rebecca is no exception. In fact, she’s even taking sewing lessons. Which is obviously a much more practial approach to learning to sew. Unfortunately I don’t do practical or easy. Gonna just sew once my machine gets here cause I got some catching up to do! Life and limb be damned. This is what Rebecca made:

Book Slings


Aren’t these great? She told me that she would frequently hear things falling along the side of her kids’ bunk beds in the middle night — here’s hoping these great slings solve that problem! The tutorial can be found at the Penny Carnival blog, but you should probably follow Rebecca on Pinterest just to be safe.

And the sewing projects don’t stop there! Sagi decided to make a really cool,

Infinity Scarf

Great scarf, Sagi!

I also participated. Well I think I actually over participated because I made a whole bunch of things. Which I will post over the course of the week, but I want to show you one of my favorite & simple finds on Pinterest — regrowing your green onions. Apparently if you save the bottom of the onion — you know the white part with the stringy roots, and put them in a glass of water that you change every 3 days or so, you will have endless green onions. Don’t believe me? I didn’t either! Let me show you:

Indoor Gardening

Pretty awesome, huh? And they grew so fast! At first I didn’t even notice the little stumps from Day 2! I did forget to take pictures on Days 4 & 5 but you didn’t miss too much 😉 I love tips like these and have several more like these in my Landscaping/Gardening board! Be sure to check it out!

And don’t forget to come back tomorrow for my post about my food related Pinta-party “projects”!

If you didn’t get your party project done in time don’t fret, I’ll be hosting these little parties frequently! Happy pinning, guys!

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  1. February 27, 2012 at 10:45 pm engarde

    This was fun. Thanks for the nudge and the mention. You rock!

    • February 27, 2012 at 11:23 pm Syd

      You’re welcome! You also rock. Like a lot.

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