If you don’t know already (see my previous blog post on Rising Strong by Brene Brown), I absolutely adore Brené Brown and everything she has to say. It’s pure gold.

So here are a few more of her quotes I made into images to be shared, contemplated, loved and soaked up.

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“One of the outcomes of attempting to ignore emotional pain is chandeliering. We think we’ve packed the hurt so far down that it can’t possibly resurface, yet all of a sudden, a seemingly innocuous comment sends us into a rage or sparks a crying fit. Or maybe a small mistake at work triggers a huge shame attack. Perhaps a colleague’s constructive feedback hits that exquisitely tender place and we jump out of our skin.” -Brené Brown, Rising Strong


"Trading joy for less vulnerability is a deal with the devil. And the devil never pays up.” ―Brené Brown, Rising Strong


“Choosing to be curious is choosing to be vulnerable because it requires us to surrender to uncertainty.” - Brené Brown, Rising Strong

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