As a mommy of two young girls (6 and 1) I don’t always get to go out, but fortunately for me, I have a great sister who makes sure I’m having some ‘me’ time, too.  And because of her, I got to go see Mom’s The Word!  It’s a wonderful play, playing on Granville Island in Vancouver, BC until July 23!

I experienced every form of joy during the 2 hrs and 15 mins of this show, which is expected, but I also teared up and reflected on my own experiences as a mother.  It validated and reassured me that I’m not the only one who feels like she’s losing her mind.  That even though I may be covered in unknown substances and bouncing up and down to soothe a baby I’m not holding, I have a place in a club of mothers who get it.  It uplifted my spirits, made my heart soar, and reinvigorated me.

I would recommend this show for any mommy who is sleep deprived, missing private bathroom time, and is seriously considering reading the dictionary because of trouble with…umm…words. Yeah, that’s it. Words.  The show ain’t going to help with the sleep, but I guarantee you’ll laugh for the afternoon. With other adults!

Information about the play is below:


By The Mom’s the Word Collective
Originally directed by Wayne Harrison

Now playing until July 23 | Revue Stage

Back by popular demand!

The Mother of All Shows

They’re back! The shockingly funny Moms reunite to bring highlights from the smash hits Mom’s the Word and Mom’s the Word 2: Unhinged to Granville Island. In this production, they’ll share their true, intimate tales of the heartache and joy of parenthood, from bun in the oven to the terrible twos to the terrifying teens.

Tickets from $29

Theatre for Mommies. Know someone with a baby who loves theatre?We would love them to come to one of our special Wednesday Matinee performances. All seats are only $20! There will be secure stroller parking in our lobby and if your little one needs to vocalize you can take them in and out of the theatre, everyone else (and especially the performers) will understand—they’re moms too!
June 15, 2 pm, June 22, 2 pm; June 29, 2 pm; July 6, 2 pm;
July 13, 2 pm; July 20, 2 pm.


Are there any other great mommy events you’ve been to? A special girls night out that you’ll never forget? Tell me about it!

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