Today marks the day when I have traveled two equal distances, one with my mother, one without.

I feel the weight of this moment, as I contemplate what the next 15.91 years will hold. I can look back on my past, at both journeys and appreciate the joy and the struggle. The triumph and the disaster. I used to see myself as one or the other — ‘The-Girl-With-A-Single-Mother’ and ‘The-Motherless-Daughter’, but I finally feel as if I am defined by something else entirely. That those two parts belong to me, but not I to them.

There is a third path, one that perhaps I wasn’t ready to contemplate until now. The possibility of finally being me, a whole person, not the girl who lost so much.

I am so ready.


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  1. May 4, 2013 at 11:17 pm engarde

    I am so happy you have these photos with your mother. What a beautiful sentiment. I love you!

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