I wrote the following post in May 2013 but never ended up posting it. I have lots of updates and more to share about my journey, but this post is still relevant and important. I’m posting it now as a kind of pre-equal to the rest of my story with pre-diabetes, insulin resistance and weight challenges.

See below:

I had gestational diabetes. I am now dealing with insulin resistance. Therefore I am pre-diabetic. The solution for me at this point is very simple — lose weight.  And there’s plenty to lose. Hopefully losing weight and eating clean (no sugar, no white flour, more veggies, protein and whole grain. You can read more about my sugar-free diet here.) will resolve my issues. But getting there is not such a piece of cake.

Mornings seem to be the most difficult. My energy is low, my brain is fuzzy and I’m hungry. Not a good combination for someone who needs to be very careful about what they put in their mouth. Not to mention my time is very limited when I have a kid to get to school on time and a three year old who likes to try on every pair of shoes before selecting the ones that are just right!

With the craziness of my mornings and the importance of starting off with a low carb & protein high breakfast, I rely on my supplements to get me going. The days I miss this step, I seem to be off all day long so it’s very important to get this right.

This is where my Vitamix comes in and I make breakfast in a cup in less than 60 seconds. My smoothie recipe is as follows:

1 1/2 scoops Metagenics UltraGlycemx
1 1/2 scoops Organic Flax Seed (buy this cold in your local natural food store)
handful of frozen berries (straw/blue/rasp/black berries)
handful of kale that we wash and freeze
1 1/2 cups of milk/almond/coconut milk

Blend until smooth.



This smoothie will get you out the door and to wherever you need to go. By the time you get to your destination or finish with your morning rush to get the kids to school, you’ll be able to have something more substantial but you won’t be on a diabetics fasting crash from the night before.

Aside from my breakfast in a cup, I take a host of other supplements to keep me feeling good.


They add up in cost and space and time to take them all but they really do help.


From left to right they are:

Genestra Multi-Glyco
I can’t remember this one
Don’t remember this one either
And don’t remember again. LOL


These supplements really helped me feel good, but I’ve had significant updates since I wrote the above post, so stay tuned! I’ll be posting about my journey in the coming weeks.

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