This is a good article about the future of publishing and options available to writers:

1. AM I A WRITER OR A CREATOR?Writers sell stories; creators build storyworlds. The former is a transaction-based existence focused on the traditional publication of books or articles, with everything else viewed as ancillary. The latter is an approach that sees traditional publishing as just one of many ways via which a storyworld—your fictional universe—can be experienced, and focuses on your ability to reach and engage with readers across a variety of channels.

Neither path is necessarily “better”—there will always be a need for transactional writers—but there’s evidence that creators will have more control over their futures as the industry evolves. As new formats, media and devices come along, creators with well-conceived platforms will be better positioned to make the most of them.


As more and more publishing options open up, the traditional route won’t always be the best first choice for every author. Knowing the tangible advantages a traditional publisher offers will be critical to making an informed decision.

Traditional publishers have three fundamental strengths that, depending on your resources, will determine how vital they might be to your eventual success: advances, bookstores and credibility. If you need an advance to finish your book, if you want to see your book on shelves, or if your genre, profession or subject is highly competitive, you’ll want a traditional deal.


There are now more ways to independently publish your work than ever. But true self-publishing is more than just uploading a file to a print-on-demand company or e-book retailer. It’s a business decision that comes with numerous responsibilities, from design and marketing to rights and taxes. Each represents an expense of time and/or money that must be accounted for when comparing publishing options.

Read the complete post on Guy LeCharles Gonzalez’s blog, here.

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  1. January 2, 2011 at 12:01 pm E. M. Rowan

    Thanks for sharing this. I’m still struggling to make the decision of traditional or self-publishing. . . .

    • January 2, 2011 at 12:18 pm Syd

      I was thinking of you when I posted it. It’s a good read. We need to chat on the phone SOON!

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