Happy 75th Birthday, Mom

The other night I calculated how old you would have been today. 75. Wow. The number shocks me. I can’t picture you as a 75 year old woman. And the number is too even, too perfect…the idea is so alien. …

18 Years

18 years seems like an interminably long time. A whole person can grow into adulthood in that many years. I wish I had been born again, with fresh memories and an untouched heart, 18 years ago.

I’ve written about the …


Today marks the day when I have traveled two equal distances, one with my mother, one without.

I feel the weight of this moment, as I contemplate what the next 15.91 years will hold. I can look back on my …

Why I Want A Cure For Cancer

As many of you already know, I was 15 when my mother died.

She had breast cancer. By the time she got help, it was already too late. But she fought her disease and emminent death as hard as she …

How I Lost 5 Million Dollars

  1. I bought 5 of my closest friends million dollar homes.
  2. I bought 2 Bugatti Veyron Super Sports.
  3. I bought myself a five million dollar mega-mansion. In Hawaii.
  4. I travelled around the world, in style. 50 times.
  5. I donated five million