Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day – a program created by Bell to raise awareness for mental health. For me, Let’s Talk (about mental illness/depression/postpartum/PTSD) is an everyday thing, but I love this initiative and I think it’s a fantastic thing. Bell is using their platform to reach millions of people who could use the support and encouragement — YES!!!

I’d like to share this video of an RCMP police officer who is incredibly brave and courageous to talk about his experiences: watch it here on the CTV News website!

And because no post of mine is complete without some Brené Brown, I’m adding two very relevant images I made with her words. One of things we can all do is to not look away when someone is in the dark. Brené says people reflexively look away and we search out that redemptive ending, but the support, empathy and encouragement is really useful when the lights are out. I know really seeing someone while they’re in that place is difficult to do, but if you could find the courage to do so, it may change someone’s life.

This is the reason for sharing my stories.

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“scars are easier to talk about than they are to show, with all the remembered feelings laid bare. And rarely do we see wounds that are in the process of healing. I’m not sure if it’s because we feel too much shame to let anyone see a process as intimate as overcoming hurt, or if it’s because even when we muster the courage to share our still-incomplete healing, people reflexively look away.” - Brené Brown, Rising Strong

“we like recovery stories to move quickly through the dark so we can get to the sweeping redemptive ending. I worry that this lack of honest accounts of overcoming adversity has created a Gilded Age of Failure.” - Brené Brown, Rising Strong

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