IMG_1419Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, I’m definitely a Canadian West-coaster.    You can occasionally catch me saying, ‘eh’, but that’s probably the extent of my obvious Canadianness.  No, I don’t live in an igloo!

The various jobs I hold are: mommy, wife, writer, site administrator/webmaster (I own and run The Official Jeaniene Frost Fansite), graphic artist (cover art/author promo work), chauffeur, maid, tech-nerd, waitress (or as my daughter likes to call out while eating dinner — SERVER!), hopeless romantic, star gazer, storm watcher, sensitive crab.

Graphic Design/Cover Artist

I’m still amazed and delighted by the fact that I can put the skills I’ve always had to such creative use. Growing up my mom put me in all sorts of classes – clay sculpting, pottery, watercolor painting, oil painting. She also definitely catered to my need for sparkles as evidenced by our permanently bedazzled coffee table. It was a dream come true for an only child and I cut, created, painted, glued to my hearts delight.

Later on in my youth, I moved on to bigger scopes of design. Specifically interior design. I had an infinity to arrange and rearrange any room someone would let me. Bedrooms, living rooms…anything I could reorganize and “make better” I did. And I did this every few months, much to the dismay of my husband who became my official mover.

These days I rearrange text, images and lighting on a digital canvas. No more heavy lifting for hubby or sparkly tables. Usually 😉

The Writer

I didn’t realize I needed to be writing until the summer of 2007.   Wow, that was a shocker!   And not because it was such a stretch but because I hadn’t thought of it sooner.   No wonder secretly my favorite class in highschool was English, despite the typical response of all jocks — GYM!  That year I read a book that inspired me to write some embarrassing *mumbles* fanfiction, but let’s not talk about that!  Later that same year I was talked into doing NaNoWriMo and I won!   50K words in 26 days.    It was a religious experience and I knew that I needed to be writing.

I’ve put writing on hold while I focus on my graphic design and cover art work, but it’s never far from my mind. When the voices in my head (that’s normal, right?) don’t let me sleep, I use this blog for a creative writing outlet.

So here I am – blogging about: being a mommy, eating well and my Vitamix, adoption and loss, reading and writing, and my graphic design work. I hope you find something you like! Comments and sharing are totally welcome and absolutely appreciated!


  1. April 19, 2011 at 11:59 am N

    Your posts never fail to leave an impression on me, usually for days, weeks or even longer. Your insights and humour open up my mind like a parachute (I always thought that was a lame simile). Activating so many ideas and thoughts, I’m usually bubbling at the seams (never been good with using idioms or slang) to share with someone something new or a reevaluated and reasserted new idea.

    Keep them coming!


  2. September 4, 2013 at 7:43 am DJ H

    OK, where’s the link to this “fanfiction” of yours? ‘Mothers’ are supposed to know these things and I put up links to MY embarrassing fanfiction!! So come on, give with the fiction.

    • September 4, 2013 at 9:50 am Syd

      Ha, nice try, “mom”! I’ll never give it up!


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